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Avalon and Axis sold!

According to this article, The Lyons Group has sold the block of clubs on Landsdowne (Avalon, Axis and friends), which are currently undergoing major renovations, to The House of Blues.

The construction will continue and the new venue will open with the House of Blues name.

A couple of interesting (to me at least) things here:

1) The House of Blues in Cambridge closed years ago due to lack of a crowd from what I recall. Funny that they would buy a new property here (even if it is one that will have somewhat of a built in crowd)
2) I read not too long ago that The Lyons Group was selling the Paradise. Are they getting out of the nightclub business all together? Are they going restaurant only or are they moving to something else completely?

Exploring Autism with Dr. Anne Larkin

I just got emailed this interesting announcement:

Exploring Autism

Join Dr. Anne Larkin, a mother and educator, as she shares information on the latest news and controversies surrounding autism, and shares stores from her own journey with her autistic son. This evening’s presentation is geared toward parents and families of children with autism, educators, and any members of the public interested in this growing phenomenon.

This is an important issue we should all get out and learn more about. Definitely mark it in your calendar if you can make it and sign up online to guarantee yourself a space to hear this expert.

Meets on: Wednesday, January 30
Where: Boston Center for Adult Education, 5 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Cost: $10.00

Who Gets Your Vote?

If the Patriots complete their perfect season this Sunday in Arizona, it is going to cause quite an issue in Boston. Tuesday is Super Tuesday, so extra security is needed for polling places and Tuesday would be the only day next week that a victory parade could get pulled off, which needs extra security. It would create a logistical nightmare for the city.

So, who would get your vote, the Pats or the Polls?

Ban on devices in cars

At the end of last week, the Massachusetts House passed a bill banning using any types of devices in your car. This would mean texting, making calling without a hands-free headset, using pagers, using PDAs, and using laptops would be illegal while driving.

If this bill is passed by the Senate and the Governor’s office, it would mean a fine of $100 for the first offense, $250 for the second and $500 for each additional offense. Also beginning in July 2009, insurance companies would be able to charge violators surcharges.

I always use my bluetooth headset when making calls, but I definitely have been guilty of sending a text or two (usually in traffic, but not always). Would this affect you?


Today on the T I saw something that fascinated me – a transtrap. It’s a hook with a strap that a rider can toss over one of the bars and hang onto. “No way,” I thought. “No way that’ll keep him stable!”

But it did. Even on the green line, with its bumps, twists, and lurching starts and stops, that man only swayed a little. No more than anyone else would. I took note for you all, knowing that you’d want to try such a gadget. Unfortunately their site is failing to load and gizmodo was talking about it in 2005. Something tells me this one is a thing of the past. Oh well.

Wifi on the Purple Line

I read an article on today that said that a trial program of WiFi being available on the purple line (starting with the Worcester/Framingham line) could be available as early as this week.

Now being someone who can work from anywhere, this would be awesome for me (if I took the T, I need a self driving car and wifi in my car ;), as I could get a bunch of work done on my way to and from work. Is this going to be something you would use or is it something that is just going to be a distraction to you as you try to relax on your way to and from work?

Extreme is Back!

One of my favorite Boston based bands, Extreme, recently announced that they are re-uniting for a new record and a world tour (which damn well better kick off in Boston).

Well, last week the band was out in LA for the NAMM conference out in LA and had a show. Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come in 2008 (and ignore the first 1:30 or so of intro junk):

Kennedy / Obama



Legal Seafood Specials

Tonight I had the opportunity to visit Legal Seafoods at the Pru and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Since it was something of an occasion, I opted to splurge and the specials sounded very good.

For an appetizer there was a lamb sausage. I thought this was really nice, but I was glad there were only three of us because we only received three pieces. Perhaps they deliberately portion a sausage for the number of diners, but the plate was just right for three pieces. The sausage was well spiced and tasty, but I don’t think the fact that it was lamb brought anything to the table. They overpowered it. Still tasty.

For an entree I had a bowl of seafood in curry. This was really interesting and I did not think it would be as good as it was. There was a variety of seafood here – scallops, white fish, shrimp, a large lobster claw, and a king crab leg. This was served over a bed of couscous and in a light bit of curry sauce. They used green curry and it was very subtle and smooth. I liked this a lot and think they should keep it around. Excellent!

For desert I had a red bean custard with cinnamon and covered with almonds. Two quarters of a strawberry and a mint leaf garnished this and, while I felt that neither really went with the desert for flavor, the dish really needed that color. Still, it was delicious and I’d eat it again.

All in all a very nice dinner. If you’re in the mood to try some new seafood at a an old favorite, give this a shot.

A better candidate?

Brady / Moss ’08!

BRADY – MOSS in 08!

From Jimmy Dunn

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