Fire In the Arlington Stop?

20080208(005)This evening as I headed to catch the T at the Arlington stop (green line), I was met with a surprising sight: fire trucks, police cars, and an ambulance, oh my! I took a look at my watch: 5:05pm. Then I opened my eyes, my ears, and my camera phone, and here’s the scoop.

The first thing I heard was a fireman telling someone there was a small fire and it was under control. When I asked someone if there had actually been a fire I was told, “I can’t talk about it.” Alas, nobody wanted to blab. I was told that above ground service was still running, but that there was nothing coming from Kenmore to us. The police expected things to be running again in ten to fifteen minutes.

True to their word, the police let folks in at 5:15pm. I sniffed the air and looked around trying to detect some sign of fire but saw none as I headed down the tunnel. I did feel an unusual breeze, though, and I soon found out why. When I went down to the outbound platform I found the fans blowing, and the door to the construction site was open with police hanging out nearby. Then I spotted the fire extinguisher. If I had to guess, and again this is just a guess, there was some kind of small fire in the construction site. Nothing in the public area looked at all damaged, and even as one of the first people in I didn’t see or smell any smoke.

How was your ride home?

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