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What’s up with all the Boston sports injuries?

Is it the weather? Are the athletes changing their diets? Their rituals? First Tom Brady is out for the season, now Josh Beckett has been moved from starting the playoff series against the Angels to starting Game 3. Some of our star players are dropping like flies at very pivotal times. We cannot take victory for granted in this region. I’m not that old, but I very clearly remember when none of our professional teams couldn’t win to save their lives. Let’s not get lazy, folks. Stay healthy people!

"Mad Men" Nights at Noir

I have been an avid fan of “Mad Men” for a while. I really fell in love over the summer when I was house sitting in Brookline at a place that had On Demand. I watched the entire first season in two days. It’s smart, methodical, and unapologetic. I didn’t think I could love it more until I experienced it the way I did last Sunday night. My friend came in from NYC for the weekend, so she and I headed to Noir, the lounge at the Charles Hotel to attend “Mad Men Sundays. The cherries on top were the fabulous vintage dresses we picked up at Poor Little Rich Girl in Davis Square.

The lounge itself is very retro: very dark and with deep red accents. They serve lots of drinks in martini glasses. However, they do have a very modern HD projector and cable. At 10pm, the projector screen came down and everyone there turned their attention to the show. I have never enjoyed an episode more: in a vintage 60s dress sipping a gimlet sitting the bar.

So if you love “Mad Men” or have never seen it, experience it at this bar. I have to work tomorrow, so I’ll have to miss it, but you should definitely check it out and let me know what you think.


Hey everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself as one of the new writers of Boston Metblog. I’m Lauren. I’m from Jamaica Plain, but I returned to the area after nine years of working in Washington, DC and New York City to be a graduate student at Harvard. I’m studying Higher Education, but I have a deep history in the theatre, so I’m looking forward to sharing with you my adventures in the arts in Boston and hearing your thoughts.

Talk to you soon!

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