Boston joins Google Transit…just in time!

I saw this on today, and was more than a little excited. A month ago when we started the process of moving to Boston I noticed that MBTA was absent from the list of systems that Google Transit offered. As a newcomer to the area on my way to a job interview I used the trip planner, which was, let’s say, functional.  But clearly not Google. I use the big G’s maps on my phone regularly, and having transit as an option will definitely make my life a little easier.

At first glance of some test addresses thrown in to Google Maps, I notice the time schedule. What’s the next bus/train to come by? What time will you arrive, given the transfer over to the red line? Miss that one, and how late will you be? This is the future, people! Put those accordion folded bits of paper in the trash where they belong, and pull out your high tech portable communication device of choice.

Go, play.

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