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Restaurant Week – Winter 2008

I almost missed the boat on this one, but thankfully accidentally participated tonight. The good news is you still have tonight and tomorrow to take advantage of a good deal at a nice place. Check out The Unofficial Guide to Boston Restaurant Week.

Free Burrito Day at Chipotle

The Food Monkey would like us all to know that March 8 is Free Burrito Day at Chipotle, so swing on by tomorrow and grab yourself some lunch!

Super Tuesday

Today was Super Tuesday and my first time voting in Massachusetts. My polling place is on the route I take daily on the way to the train. Let me tell you, it was a different experience from those I’ve had before.

I was surprised, and a bit disappointed, to find the place pretty empty. I was really hoping it’d be packed with voters, but perhaps that had something to do with the weather we had today. With the poor weather found in many of the states voting today, I really wonder what kind of effect it had on the turnout and results.

Voting was very much in and out today and uneventful. In no more than ten minutes I got in, got my I Voted Today sticker, and got out. How was your experience?

Avalon and Axis sold!

According to this article, The Lyons Group has sold the block of clubs on Landsdowne (Avalon, Axis and friends), which are currently undergoing major renovations, to The House of Blues.

The construction will continue and the new venue will open with the House of Blues name.

A couple of interesting (to me at least) things here:

1) The House of Blues in Cambridge closed years ago due to lack of a crowd from what I recall. Funny that they would buy a new property here (even if it is one that will have somewhat of a built in crowd)
2) I read not too long ago that The Lyons Group was selling the Paradise. Are they getting out of the nightclub business all together? Are they going restaurant only or are they moving to something else completely?

Exploring Autism with Dr. Anne Larkin

I just got emailed this interesting announcement:

Exploring Autism

Join Dr. Anne Larkin, a mother and educator, as she shares information on the latest news and controversies surrounding autism, and shares stores from her own journey with her autistic son. This evening’s presentation is geared toward parents and families of children with autism, educators, and any members of the public interested in this growing phenomenon.

This is an important issue we should all get out and learn more about. Definitely mark it in your calendar if you can make it and sign up online to guarantee yourself a space to hear this expert.

Meets on: Wednesday, January 30
Where: Boston Center for Adult Education, 5 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Cost: $10.00

Primaries Are Coming

Normally these days I’m not a very political person, but I can’t help noticing the big sandwich board near the T stop I take every morning announcing that the Massachusetts primary will occur on February 5 this year. This is important to me, so I did a little bit of homework.

First off, my research tells me that Massachusetts is a modified primary state. This is different from being open, in which anyone can vote in the primary, and closed, in which you can only vote within your party affiliation if you registered one. If you’re registered as either a Democrat or a Republican, it’s basically a closed primary; you must vote within your party. But if you’re not affiliated you can still vote in either the Democratic or the Republican primary, but not both. A word of caution: I’ve read that choosing a primary to vote in may change your affiliation officially, but I’m not so sure that’s true.

Second, Massachusetts uses a proportional primary system. This one’s a tad more confusing to me, so I recommend you do your own research on what it means. I’m not going to even try to explain it because I simply will not do it justice.

Moving right along, if you’d like to participate in the primaries you should make sure you know where your polling place is. You can contact your town clerk or election commission to find out where it is. Click here to see an index of these folks, and here to see the Elections Division’s site.

Oh, and Wednesday January 16th is the last day to register to vote or change party affiliation before this year’s primary so get moving!

First Night Boston

Though one holiday awaits us tomorrow morning, some folks are looking forward to another just a week down the road: New Years. In a city like this, how can there not be an amazing first night celebration? Here’s the official site for First Night Boston.

Know about something else exciting happening for first night? Let us know in a comment!

No really, who needs sleep?

So in case going out Sunday is just not enough for you, this Monday, Never in Vegas will be hitting the stage at the Revolution Rock Bar. They start at 11. As they say, Let’s Goooooooooo!

On Wednesday, Johnny D’s will be rocking with Zagnutt and Close To Home. This is an early show, so you should be able to get yourself to bed before midnight!

On Thursday, Moon Boot Lover takes the stage at Fanueil Hall’s hottest location to see live original music Hennessy’s Upstairs.

On Saturday, Sunset is a Battle returns to The Bullfinch Yacht Club with a whole bunch of other great bands.

So, now your week is planned! Go out and see some great live local music!

Who Needs Sleep?

If we didn’t have enough music with Sweep the Leg playing at Hennessy’s on Sundays, well now we have Stained Glass Eye playing next door at Paddy O’s. The best part? Stained Glass Eye is on from 7-11 and Sweep the Leg is on from 10-1:30. This means you can rock out all night and see 2 great Boston bands!

So, don’t let the weekend end and enjoy some rockin’ Sunday nights!

Free Iced Coffee!

Dunkin Donuts is trying to keep you caffeinated to start off the spring. According to this press release:

Dunkin’ Donuts, the largest coffee and baked goods chain in the world, wants to help customers put winter “on ice.” On Wednesday, March 21, the official first day of spring, Dunkin’ Donuts will host its first-ever all day, nationwide “Free Iced Coffee Day.”

For 24 hours on March 21, customers can visit any participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant in the country and receive a free 16 oz. cup of Dunkin’ Donuts’ premium iced coffee, which is double-brewed to ensure full flavor with every cup.

So make sure you ring in the spring with some good ole DD’s :)

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