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When it’s done right

When it’s done right, the musicians at the T-stations add a layer of drama and intrigue to a 5 minute wait. This guy does it right.

Middle East Rocks, but you knew that already

Mean Creek at the Middle East DownstairsI am embarrassed to admit it, folks, but as a music and art afficionado, it was my first time at the Middle East Downstairs in Central Square this past Saturday, for an excellent and eclectic show from Mean Creek, Drug Rug, and others. 

As my friend put it,” What a great city we live in! We just saw an amazing show that was as good as a concert anywhere else, for 12 bucks!”

I concur. 

I thought the Middle East Downstairs was surprisingly atmospheric and, well, hip! It had columns, stained glass windows, good lighting, and a floor reminiscent of a roller-derby or jitterbug days. It has a lived in, well-worn sort of feel that makes you want to relax, have a PBR, and get into the music, maybe while dressed in plaid or something from American Apparel. It helped that it was packed with hipsters, art-school types, and young, creative people with outfits and haircuts I will probably be trying to emulate in days to come.  The acoustics were good, though not great. Once it was packed with people it  was better, but some of the less experienced bands, who don’t realize how important sound adjustments are to their sound (duh) just crank up the volume so that even if you screamed someone a foot away still couldn’t hear you ( I tried it). 

The music itself was great though–a really good show. I would definitely go again. Though next I will be hitting up the Middle East Upstairs, which is not in fact, the Middle East itself, where there is always music inside the picture window, and it is not above the Middle East,  but is down two doors at the other Middle East and at the back by the bathrooms and up the stairs above Zuzu…why they don’t just give the places completely different names is beyond me, but then, that might kill the eclectic treasure-hunt quality of establishments that Boston has refined so well….


photo credit: Mean Creek at the Middle East.


The Lloyd Family Players. Photo courtesy of bos_lauren.

The Lloyd Family Players. Photo courtesy of bos_lauren.

This weekend in Davis Square…I know, I’m biased…was the 3rd Annual Honk! Festival. Basically a ton of bands from all over the country turned the Square into a horn and percussion music festival. They are protest, grassroots, political bands who make people shake and stomp and clap as a form of protest, thus hopefully serving as a catalyst for change.

I happened upon this festival last year. I had been living in Somerville for all of two months and when I saw this transformation of Davis Square, I knew I had picked the perfect neighborhood to live. This year, I’m living even closer and so I had to stop by. This time I brought friends and now even more people are hooked. We walked up and down the street, letting the music draw us in. We danced with strangers and did some people watching for the ages. There are some serious characters that come out for this. Next year, I promise to give you a heads up, but reserve Columbus Day weekend 2009 now.

The Tweeter Center is Gone

Live Nation announced today it is now the Comcast Center for the Performing Arts. Not that anyone around here actually called it the Tweeter Center. According to this article, it is due to Tweeter being in bankruptcy protection. So, anyone going to start calling it the Comcast Center or just going to keep calling it Great Woods?

Tim Reynolds Live!

This was passed along to me recently. Tim Reynolds (known best for his work with the Dave Matthews Band) is playing at the Regatta Bar over in Cambridge on March 26th. Having seen Tim with both the Dave Matthews Band and on Dave’s solo tour, I know he is an incredible musician and it will be really interesting to see what he does solo.

Jimmy Kimmel has a boyfriend from Boston …..

Just in case you missed it last night on TV or everywhere on the Internet today, Jimmy Kimmel’s response to his girlfriend Sarah Silverman’s revelation that she is “spending time” with Matt Damon:

Cameos in order of appearance:

Ben Affleck
Joan Jett
Robin Williams
Don Cheadle
Pete Wentz
Dominic Monaghan
Perry Farrell
Macy Gray
Benji and Joel Madden
Lance Bass
Cameron Diaz
Huey Lewis
Josh Groban
Dicky Barrett
Harrison Ford
Christina Applegate
Rebecca Romijn

Avalon and Axis sold!

According to this article, The Lyons Group has sold the block of clubs on Landsdowne (Avalon, Axis and friends), which are currently undergoing major renovations, to The House of Blues.

The construction will continue and the new venue will open with the House of Blues name.

A couple of interesting (to me at least) things here:

1) The House of Blues in Cambridge closed years ago due to lack of a crowd from what I recall. Funny that they would buy a new property here (even if it is one that will have somewhat of a built in crowd)
2) I read not too long ago that The Lyons Group was selling the Paradise. Are they getting out of the nightclub business all together? Are they going restaurant only or are they moving to something else completely?

Extreme is Back!

One of my favorite Boston based bands, Extreme, recently announced that they are re-uniting for a new record and a world tour (which damn well better kick off in Boston).

Well, last week the band was out in LA for the NAMM conference out in LA and had a show. Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come in 2008 (and ignore the first 1:30 or so of intro junk):

Scamper’s Last Waltz

Last year, I got to see Scamper a number of times. Each time, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Soon after, I heard that they were going on a hiatus.

Luckily, Boston’s music lovers get to see one last show. This show will be held at The Middle East Downstairs on Saturday, February 2, 2008.

Opening up for them will be Aloud, Harris, and Baker.

So, come out and enjoy the last show from a great Boston band!

(And if you can’t wait until February 2nd, Brendan Boogie Band featuring many of the members of Scamper will be playing Hennessey’s Upstairs on February 16th!)

Another Great Show at Hennessey’s Upstairs!

Hennessey’s Upstairs has another incredible show coming up this week. On Wednesday, they will have Rose Hill Drive with Township.

I saw Rose Hill Drive last time they played Hennessey’s and they rocked. They are a classic rock band and they rock out real hard. It felt like seeing Led Zeppelin in a small club. Just remember to bring your ear plugs :)

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