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Do boats usually buzz Duck Boats? Continually?

When The Weather Outside Is Frightful

I was watching the weather channel this morning, as is part of my normal morning routine, and saw that the average snowfall for Boston by this time of year is 24.8″. We’re at 36.0″ so far this year. That’s quite something.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


Today on the T I saw something that fascinated me – a transtrap. It’s a hook with a strap that a rider can toss over one of the bars and hang onto. “No way,” I thought. “No way that’ll keep him stable!”

But it did. Even on the green line, with its bumps, twists, and lurching starts and stops, that man only swayed a little. No more than anyone else would. I took note for you all, knowing that you’d want to try such a gadget. Unfortunately their site is failing to load and gizmodo was talking about it in 2005. Something tells me this one is a thing of the past. Oh well.

Kennedy / Obama



More Comedy

1. Shane Mauss:

2. No Filter Coffee Break, which has videos re: Sherman, Kaplan, Mauss, Chris Coxen, and Dan Boulger.

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For fans of no pants

No Pants 2k8 – Boston. (Facebook.)

Check out the Improv Everywhere post for more.

Fenway Snow Clearance Violations

For access!

(Via Exhibitionist.)

Profile: Rick Jenkins

Rick Jenkins

Rick Jenkins wants to make sure everyone feels like they’re at home. There’s a bowl of candy set out for people to pick at, Charlie Chaplin’s playing on a mounted TV in one of the corners of the room, some seats are reserved and marked off, scorpion bowls are ushered out to the throat-parched, and but soon Chaplin will be shut off, the room will fill, the lights will darken, The Stendals will start to play, and the first comedian — Rick, the host — will take the stage.

Jenkins is the manager and host of evenings at The Comedy Studio. Located atop the Hong Kong Restaurant in Cambridge, MA, The Comedy Studio has been called “the greatest comedy club on earth” by the senior producer of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Frank Smyley, but quotes like that don’t speak to how it relates to the rest of the city, who the man who runs the show is, and what a show up on the third floor is like — a friendly, welcoming environment hosted by a friendly, welcoming man who only asks for a certain degree of decorum — pants, at least. Please.

Boston’s Grinch of the Year?

Following in the footsteps of our friends over at (aka Metroblogging Los Angeles), we here in Boston are wondering who is Boston’s Grinch of the Year.

We are looking to you, our readers, for nominations. Basically any person or group of people who had a negative impact on Boston in this past year. You should know what a Grinch is if you have every read the book, seen the tv special, or seen the movie.

I think some other cities may be nominating the Patriots or the Red Sox for their award, but not sure who we should pick here, so throw out some names in the comments section and we will start a poll at the beginning of next week to get a winner!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Metroblogging Boston and the whole Metroblogging community!

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